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Terra Parzival

We will listen to the ancient story of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s
Parzival with our ears tuned to the needs of the emerging future
(story teller Norman Skillen). We will follow the challenging
thoughts of Rüdiger Blankertz to re-callibrate our world-view and
Miha Pogacnik will support the journey with a musical process.
These three elements and our journey through the magic landscape
of Terra Parzival will provide a living framework for participants’
interests deepening the studies of Parzival theme in various
directions. We especially welcome initiatives which have already
proven to be fruitful in TERRA PARZIVAL:

➢ European polyphonic Identity..
➢ Repositioning the role of ARTS in society ( Art & Business)
➢ re-composition of Society ( Threefold Social Order)
➢ Healing of the earth ( biodynamic agriculture)
➢ Healing of the human being
➢ Meeting of Waldorf teachers responsible for Parzival
11th grade main lesson in Waldorf schools
➢ Initiative HUMANITY !!